Strawberry Cream Disposable CUREpen – 1G


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Strawberry Cream Disposable CUREpen…it keeps that summer vibe going all year round! A balanced Hybrid oil in a 1-gram tank, it produces a terpy vape with a heady mix of creamy berries and sweet fruit. Right out of the box, this rechargeable 2.4-volt auto-draw battery with a ceramic core atomizer is ready to relax the body and pump the creative gas peddle.
THC: 92%
About this strain: Strawberry
Strawberry is an enigma of a cultivar with unknown genetics and an unknown breeder, though most online sources agree this strain was born in the Netherlands. Those who have sampled Strawberry claim it tastes like sweet, fresh berries with an earthy finish and smells of pungent fruit.
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