420 Weed Dispensary is a vertically integrated cannabis company based in Colorado. We specialize in growing, packaging, and distributing carefully handcrafted unique, proprietary-owned genetic strains. Our business is driven by the hard work and grit of the local Springs community, and we strive to share the passion we put into creating high-end cannabis products with everyone around us. 

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Buy weed online from 420 express weed dispensary from the comfort of your home. Order online and get free delivery. Cereal Milk strain – Get your bowl ready! A Hybrid cross of the Y Life and the Snowman strains, Cereal Milk has a doughy and floral nose with hints of citrus. The flowers are olive green with pink and purple hues and sticky white trichomes. When lit and ripped from a clean piece, the flavor of ripe berries and vanilla overwhelms the palate. A positive and uplifting strain, its effects cultivate a relaxing and creative headspace with deep focus. We also ship to all customers who buy weed online from Australia.

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Best 420 express weed dispensary Las Vegas NV. Even before Cannabiotix was founded our team has consistently been breeding and hunting new exclusive strains.  We have had the joy and privilege to try so many different phenos through the years as we have had epic sessions following every pheno hunt to narrow down our most prize selections. She’s frosty, she’s flavorful, and hang dried to boot. Our hand trimmers make sure she’s looking real cute. She’s sweet, she’s citrus and most of all, minty. She might even make you a little bit squinty. ness Double Mint Sherbet is her name and no other flower is quite the same! order Double Mint Sherbet