Birthday Cake Disposable CUREpen – 1G


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Birthday Cake Disposable CUREpen – 1G
Introducing WEST COAST CURE’s Birthday Cake Disposable CurePen! This 1-gram wonder offers an easy, convenient way to enjoy your favorite concentrate with its portable design. The pen itself is encased in a beautiful rose gold body that both looks and feels great in the hand – giving you the perfect balance of luxurious style and practicality. Its unique quartz glass atomizer heats up quickly and evenly allowing for maximum flavor retention from each hit; adding another layer of sophistication to this already high quality device. With a simple click of button, it’s time to bask in the deliciousness!, making medicating on-the go easier than ever before. So give yourself or someone special a truly memorable experience with this amazing disposable curepen today!
THC: 88.65%
About this strain: Birthday Cake
When Aficionados of Cannabis Seed Bank(ACSB) introduced Vishnu Kush to Bubblegum Kush, it produced a sweet sensation called Birthday Cake (also called Birthday Cake Kush).
This cake reportedly delivers 24%-26% THC along with spicy, piney smoke and a sweet taste, according to ACSB.
Birthday Cake delivers relaxing, psychedelic effects, according to ACSB.
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Order Birthday Cake Disposable CUREpen from West Coast Cure
Add some flavor and convenience to your celebrations with WEST COAST CURE’s Birthday Cake Disposable CurePen! Experience intense taste while you savor smooth, hassle-free draws from this preloaded 1 gram vape device – making vaping effortless so you can focus on enjoying life’s fabulous moments.


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