The Differences Between: Indica vs. Sativa

Marijuana growers and sellers have used the names indica or sativa to explain the effects they have on people when they are consumed, but is this really the best way to classify strains — or is it just a sales tactic?  Scientists say that there is no evidence that indica and sativa have different effects because, onRead More

Guide To Finding The Right CBD Vape Oil Dosage

Vaping vs. Smoking CBD Smoking uses dried plant parts or concentrates while vaping uses concentrated extracts or ground dry herb. Both methods take effect very quickly as they get CBD into your bloodstream almost immediately. But research shows that the effects of vaping are much stronger than smoking. Because of the concentrate, it seems to be a more potentRead More

Is Indica an Upper or Downer?

When it comes to the effects of uppers and downers, they live on completely separate sides of the spectrum.  The terms “upper” and “downer” are stoner speak for the formal terms stimulants and depressants. Let’s break down the difference between cannabis strains that are stimulants and cannabis strains that are depressants. Stimulants Stimulants refer toRead More

Does Sativa Make You Hyper or Sleepy

The most commonly known sativa strains have a significant amount of limonene, which affects your mood.  Most people describe this mood as uplifting and energizing – not sleepy.  Sativa strains help with depression, ADHD (attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder), and other ailments that cause a person to feel sluggish.  To understand how it can have this effect, let’s takeRead More