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Buy Stiiizy Pineapple Express for sale is a vape pod and battery brand which guarantees to a burnless and release free vaping experience. There are various sizes relying upon your inclination, and the majority of the highs are on a similar degree of high.

What’s going on here? It’s a battery-powered battery that interfaces with their Stiiizy Pods. The Pod is a cannabis concentrate cartridge that is enacted by the battery. Once associated with the battery, the unit is enacted and the client can smoke the case by breathing in through the cases’ mouthpiece orally.

Stiiizy Pineapple Express Pods only work on Stiiizy Batteries

The pineapple express strain

This buy Stiiizy Pineapple Express though hybrid, is sativa dominant and is useful for satisfying and pleasurable highs. It is a cross of the train wreck and Hawaiian og. Since its emergence in 2008, it has become a real favorite to cannabis lovers. With an 18% THC content rating, It’s best to smoke in the afternoon and evenings. Further, thanks to the terpenes in limonene and pinene, this strain packs a patch to your pallet. It’s very useful for dealing with pain, depression and fatigue.

Most Common Questions:

The Stiiizy Pineapple Express does not include a Stiiizy POD. Having the word “starter kit” does create confusion that it is an all-in-one kit to get your smoke on, but you have to purchase the cannabis cartridges separately.

The Stiiizy Pineapple Express Kit is a rechargeable battery cable for Stiiizy Pods. Stiiizy is really taking  off since its 2017 launch with its slick-looking products and rave reviews for a quality product.


  • The pod system for Stiiizy Pineapple Express is still a great system to refill. Since they come out CCELL, cartridges still getting better as well. I would take a current generation CCELL and a good battery like the Vessel over a Stiiizy pod.
  • This innovative design prevents wasting THC oil from accidental drops, glass cartridges sometimes can crack when it drops and wastes the precious cannabis oil inside.
  • Another nice feature micro USB connection that can be  at the bottom of the Stiiizy vape, it’s not recommend to use this vape pen while it’s charging though.
  • Most smaller 510 batteries still require a screw on charger, but higher end batteries also use USB.

4 reviews for Stiiizy Pineapple Express

  1. marie ritten

    I wanted to try something new and I was really pleased

  2. William Watson

    I enjoyed every second of it I will be seeing you soon thank you very much

  3. Melanie Lester

    Smells great, tastes great, works great!

  4. Emily

    Tastes just like it sounds and helps with aches and pains, as well as anxiety.

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