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Buy doja sicario strain here at our store. This strain is recommended for after work or for a late night toke. Contact us for any inquiry and do not forget we offer discounts on bulk orders.



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Buy doja sicario strain, as soon as I broke the seal on the bag of this sleekly packaged exotics. I was grinning ear to ear. What I discover was beautiful fresh perfectly structure buds. The flowers were medium sized and were fluffy, dense and absolutely caked in thrichs that bounced off the light as I surveyed the specimen. The trichomes just caked my fingers in a layer of sugar.

The tones of the Buy doja sicario strain where a mix of light to bright greens with a few sections leaning toward a darker pine tone. Lastly the pistils blend in tight to the plant matter and consisted of a mix of burnt orange and red hairs. Needless to say I can’t wait to partake in this toke!

Doja Sicario Aroma 

Upon the initial sniff out of the bag I was quite intrigued by the flavor that poured out of it, notes of sweet sugary spice that tingled my nostrils. As I inhaled deeper my senses picked up on a creamy peppery almost piney gas on the back end. That distinct gelato taste sticks to your nostrils and and leaves you highly anticipating the indulging smoke that awaits you.

Taste – Wow just Wow!! The dry pull of the jay fills my pallet with with a sweet creamy gas that is absolutely exquisite. Upon the inhale I met with flavors galore. You have that familiar gelato taste coats your entire mouth with a tasty sweet gas and creamy spicy deliciousness. Upon the exhale it switches up to a hint of vanilla and spices leaning to a almost hashy flavor. The smoke going in and out was exceptionally smooth. The exhale was so smooth it was like I was just blowing out air.

Effects – It was around a quarter way down the joint that I began to feel the buzz building. Starting in my head and behind my eyes. Half way and I could feel a slight zingyness build in my head but not to the point where it caused me to feel anxious. I finished the joint I was completely Faded, my body became extremely heavy but remained clear and had thag slight zing to my head, I feel completely relaxed and am really fucking stoned, a very clean stone infact my notes say that I feel as if life has slowed down around me and I am often staring off into space completely blank.

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2 reviews for DOJA SICARIO

  1. Urel

    Amazing taste and smell

  2. Orel

    Good delivery. Thanks for my package

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