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Gorilla Glue #4 terpene profile possessing pungent, earthy, pine aromas accompany heavy relaxation and offers relief from stress, pain, and appetite loss. 90.1%Total THC

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Gorilla Glue or GG4, which is now called “Original Glue” due to the adhesive company’s license of the name, is an aromatic indica-dominant hybrid that originated in Nevada. GG Strains breeder Joesy Whales decided to call this strain “Gorilla Glue” because of how sticky the bud’s resin was – while trimming the plant, everything stuck to his fingers and scissors like the powerful adhesive.

GG4 was created by crossing Chem’s Sister with Chocolate Diesel and Sour Dubb. The results are a potent flower with a piney, chocolaty, diesel aroma. It has been reported to make produce relaxation, euphoria, and sleepiness, making this a highly popular strain among veteran cannabis consumers.

Overall, the THC range of Gorilla Glue #4 is between 25% and 30%. However, some tests have shown cuts with a THC of 31%.

Reproduced explicitly for most extreme THC, the kind of Gorilla Glue can be somewhat quieted and indistinct from different strains. It is not necessarily the case that it tastes terrible, yet it unquestionably doesn’t have the broadened bed numerous different strains have.

What Can I Expect When I Use Gorilla Glue #4?

Keep in mind, its THC can be as high as 30% so when the cerebral impacts grab hold; they can be overpowering if your resilience isn’t awesome. After the fast and intense head high, the sensation of unwinding everywhere on the body goes ahead nearly as fast. Try not to be shocked if the cerebral piece of the high goes on for more than four hours.

When your body is wrapped in unwinding, you will discover it unimaginably difficult to move. On the in addition to side, you will probably feel bliss and happiness in the wake of enduring that previously shot of Gorilla Glue. Is anything but a ‘laugh uncontrollably’ sensation; essentially internal happiness that permits you to loosen up, incomplete congruity with yourself.


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